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What is Profhand
Profhand enables enjoyable rehabilitation

World’s most innovative pedal wheelchair. The perfect partner for mobility, exercise, rehabilitation
and stress relief. Profhand Pedal Wheelchairs are manually operated multifunctional wheelchairs
designed for indoor / outdoor use and intended to provide mobility to persons that have the capability of operating a wheelchair.
Profhand PH2010(Large size), Using Japans Innovative skills to bring out the golden
ratio for the larger model of the pedal wheelchair for people who are larger and
taller, once again using the combination of Japans knowledge and innovative
skills, along with Taiwan’s manufacturing skills, the outcome is the
PH2010, suitable for Europe and USA, Functions are the same as
Ph1608, with the appearance having improved.



Enhanced Mobility
Individuals with walking disabilities are able to travel easily by pedaling Profhand™ wheelchairs
with little exertion.
Safety and User Friendliness
Through the special design features like the disc brake and auxiliary wheels, a high level of safety is assured.
Every use of the Profhand™ is an easy and comfortable experience.
With Profhand™ previously sedentary individuals are able to move about with less supervision. The special gear
ratio allows even weak leg muscles to propel the Profhand™ for ambulation and doing exercise at the same time.
With a single hand control and 360° tight turning capability the users can master the Profhand™ within the first
few minutes of use. The users can enjoy high level of independence and requires less close assistance from others
Exercise is vital for individuals to maintain muscle strength, prevent muscle atrophy and even regain a higher quality of life. The Profhand™ becomes an integral part of the rehabilitation process as the users’ hands, legs, brains, eyes and ears are used in a coordinated manner. Improved circulation and joint flexibility are also observed.
PH1608RP/DP (Medium size) PH2010RP (Large size)
Model PH1608RP PH1608DP PH2010RP PH2010DP
Product type Standard Differential Standard Differential
Length 1052mm 1220mm
Height 866mm 950mm
Width 605mm 627mm
Seat Width 410mm 410mm
Weight 13,6kg 14,6kg 16,5kg 17,5kg
Weight capacity 100kg 136kg
Suited for For people who are 180 cm or below For people who are 180 cm or above
Q1. Can the control lever be changed from right to left /left to right?
A: Profhand Controls can switch between right and left hand easily.
Q2. Can Profhand be used both indoors and outdoors?
A: As Long as user is under strict supervision, they can use profhand outside on plain, non bumpy smooth surface floors.
Q3. Is Profhand foldable? will it fit into my trunk?
A: It is non foldable, Profhand can fit into the trunk of SUV and station wagon Vehicles. One wheel (type RP) is detachable.
Q4. How do I know which size is suited for me? if I buy the wrong specifications can I return it and change for the right specifications?
A: If you are unsure of whether which size is you are more suited for please feel free to contact us by email or by phone.
Q5. Where can I see and try Profhand?
A: For any information please feel free to contact us so we can direct you to your nearest local retailer.
Q6. Am I able to ride on Profhand even if I have only one abled leg?
A: Yes Profhand is even abled to be pedaled even if a person has only one abled leg, allowing the abled leg to lead the disabled leg in doing exercise.
Q7. Is Profhand only suited for people with particular syndromes?
A: Suitable for people who suffer from the list of syndromes below:
  • 1. Stroke・Cerebral infarction
  • 2. Spinal injury – mild paralysis
  • 3. Parkinson’s Disease
  • 4. Movement dysfunction
  • 5. Osteoarthritis – knee deformity
  • 6. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • 7. Obstructive atherosclerosis
  • 8. Unable to walk due to Diabetes
  • 9. No particular syndrome needed
Q8. If I want to purchase one, am I able to get one even if there is no retail store in my area?
A: Yes please see if there is a representative for your area, they will make the arrangements for your purchase.
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