• Japanese
  • English
  • German
With over 30years of business and living experieces, we support
various request of customers to start up the business in EU market.
  •  1.To have a booth at exihibition
  •  2.Attend at the booth
  •  3.Follow up after exihibition
  •  4.Make catalogues and launch web site
        in ENG/GER
  •  5.To keep sample and stock in EU
  •  6.Contact with customers
  •  7.Find distributor / Sales Agent
  •  8.Check and research EU directives
  •  9.Watch competitor and market
  • 10.Representative office in Germany
For Private Customers
We also support private customers
In case :
  • I found desired goods on English/German Web shop.
  • I need support for purchasing and import process
  • I have a German car and need repair part which is out
    of stock.
  • Please contact German local dealer and send it to me
  • I need support for my private tour in Germany